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City Fertility is one of Australia’s leading IVF & fertility service groups with 8 clinics, 58 consulting rooms and over 40 doctors nationwide.  Providing patients with state-of-the-art fertility treatment, while combining excellent medical care with an individualised, warm and compassionate approach.

City Fertility was established in 2003 to offer people access to the most advanced medical diagnosis and treatment options available. They continue this commitment by actively taking part in research projects that investigate new fertility medications and treatments to improve chances of a successful conception.

In early 2018, City Fertility entered a Partnership with CHA Medical Group (CHA), a leading healthcare operator and a premier global leader in fertility and women’s health, and the Singapore Medical Group (SMG), one of Southeast Asia’s largest multi-disciplinary specialist clinic groups.

The Partnership is part of City Fertility’s desire to further optimise best practice in patient care. Together with CHA Medical Group and SMG, they will continue to grow in Australia with a strong focus on excellence in reproductive medicine and research.

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